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Pallet Wrappers

  • Pallet wrappers are integral to any production environment.
  • Product are in most case palletized and/or stacked on pallets and need to be secured before transport
  • Pallet wrapping units not only ensures that products are securely wrapped but also saves money as material are utilized correctly and evenly.
  • Various models are available and includes rotary turntable with mechanical pre-stretch, right up to fully automatic units with power pre-stretchers and conveyor systems. 
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  • To automate palletizing activities can be straight forward, but deciding which technology is best for your application can be a different story.
  • Progetto offers various model options of packing equipment and palletizer types  
  • Together with our principles standard models can be supplied or units can be developed to cater for specific products and customers’ needs.
  • Machines are controlled by PLC and operator interface panel.
  • Machines are developed to ensure easy operation and built rigid and with good construction to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Brochure being updated
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