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Bag-in-Box Equipment

  • Bag-in-Box packaging has developed to a very popular solution over the last years. It is a cost effective way of packing liquid products that also includes protection and logistical benefits
  • Progetto is able to supply equipment to cater for your specific needs.
  • Fillers from manual, semi-automatic to fully automated units to fill various types of products
  • Conveyor equipment and carton/box erector and feeder systems to be able to pack the bags. Again catering for manual to fully automatic operations in a range of different speed applications
  • Equipment is developed and manufactured using the latest technology and to ensure easy operation and interface
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Bulk Material Handling

  • To convey bulk material can be challenging as there are many factors to consider. These include type of product, damage control on equipment and product, energy usage, layout options and limitations, dust, etc
  • Progetto, in conjunction with Hapman, can supply solutions to solve almost every challenge.
  • Together with Hapman we can evaluate, manufacture and supply material handling equipment, providing global solutions and technology for many industries.
  • Equipment includes flexible screw feeders, tubular drag conveyors, bulk fillers and feeders, etc.

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Case, Tray and Crate Packing Equipment

  • As part of the packing process tray-, crate- and case packers can also be introduced
  • These units are of great value to ensure continued product feed and tempo is kept as products are received from the production area.
  • Synchronized functions ensure that products are kept under control during packing operations
  • Machines are controlled by PLC and operator interface panel.

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