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Multi-head Automatic Gravity Fillers

  • The filler is made up of a frame supporting the diving system with the nozzles, conveyor and intermediate hopper tank.
  • The filler actions are controlled by a Plc and interface and setup I made possible by means of a HMI touch screen.
  • Containers enter the machine on a conveyor and a pneumatic gate system allows the containers to stand under the filling heads while isolating filled containers and containers being filled.
  • Machine is fitted with a diving system to enable vertical movement of the nozzles.
  • Optional drip tray and neck guide devices can be supplied
Single Head Peristaltic Pump Filler

  • A Single head Peristaltic pump filling machine is a compact unit which is easy to operate and can complete many filling applications
  • The filler fills a pre-set amount of product into a container. The filling volume is infinitely adjustable.
  • The machine can either be operated in manual or automatic mode
  • Filling speed depends on size of container and viscosity of product being filled.
  • Application is generally for easy flowing liquids and smaller filling volumes.

Rotary Filling Machines

  • The rotary filling machines are fully automated systems that can be supplied with only a filling section as a stand-alone or as a monobloc machine
  • A monobloc unit integrates the rinsing, filling and capping operations into a single body
  • Machines are constructed using stainless steel and suitable grade materials for the specific application, ranging from non-ferrous metals, antioxidant and self-lubricating materials.
  • Rotary filler range includes gravity, low vacuum gravity, counter pressure, volumetric, hot filling, etc.
  • Units are developed and cater for various product and container applications.

Multi-head Pump Fillers

  • Our Multi-head fillers are very reliable systems that are quick and accurate.
  • Various types of pumps can be utilized depending on the product and the application
  • The system is controlled by a Plc and operator setup and interface is done by means of a HMI touch screen
  • Containers are placed onto the infeed conveyor and allowed to move into the filling positions
  • Filled containers and containers being filled are separated by utilizing a gate system
  • Filling volume is infinitely adjustable
  • Pumps are controlled by VSD units which allow for multi-speed and stage settings.
  • Machines are fitted with diving devices to enable vertical movement of the nozzles
  • Optional drip tray and neck guide devices can be supplied

Single Head Piston Filler

  • A compact unit that is able to fill a pre-set amount of product into a container by means of a reciprocating piston action.
  • General application is for filling products with higher viscosity, ex. creams and lotions
  • The machine can be operated in manual mode where single cycles can be completed or in auto mode.
  • Filling speed depends on the container size and viscosity of the product being filled.

Manual Gravity Fillers

  • The containers are placed by hand. Units can be supplied to support containers on the base or by means of neck handling
  • The valves are actuated by the containers and therefore have a built in no bottle, no fill function.
  • The target level in each bottle can be individually controlled by adding or removing valve spacers
  • The valves fill to a constant level measured from the top of the bottle
  • Filling speed is dependent on product viscosity and operator efficiency
  • Units can be supplied from a basic 2 head unit through to an eight head system

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