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Check Weighing Equipment

  • Check weighing equipment are automated systems to automatically check the weight of packaged goods while in motion.
  • It is used to ensure that the weight of a product is within specified limits and complies with supplier/clients’ standards.
  • An optional reject system automatically rejects packs that are outside the specified limits set on the unit.
  • The units are compact and can be easily integrated into production lines.
  • Various models are available to cater for different pack and product sizes as well as production speeds. 
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Metal Detector Systems

  • Metal detectors are quality systems used for the detection of metal contamination in package and process applications
  • Units are an integrated part in maintaining good safety and HACCP quality standards.
  • Units can be supplied as stand-alone systems or can easily be integrated into an existing production line.
  • Units come complete with easy to use interface to ensure quick setup and optimum configuration.
  • We design and build a variety of customized conveyor systems to accommodate any type of metal detector on your production lines.
  • Dozens of models and sizes are available.
  • Units can be supplied in under-belt or aperture types for conveyors where the product is checked in packed format, or pipeline/tube type designs where bulk material are tested in motion and before reaching the packing or production line

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